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Just an update

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Just wanted to let everyone know what i’ve been up to. Ive been working heavily in film as well as photography really honing my skills.
I was able to criss another item off if my list not too long ago and i will definitely write about it once i am able to scrounge up some of the photos that were taken. I wasn’t able to capture much as i was too involved in completing the task at hand.
The item crossed off? Preform a wedding ceremony and uniting my two goods friends to be husband and wife.

So stay tuned and i will provide you with some reading material over the holidays.

Take care everyone and have safe and wonderful holiday season!

Just messin around with my DSLR trying new things around town.


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A good friend of mine entered into IDFA’s Fitness Model competition. Just for the sake of keeping busy in between fights as Amanda is a professional boxer.

A story about a younger mma fighter from Hamilton on his way to the UFC. A collaborative effort with MMAxposed and myself.

A lovely and talented woman Shelley Marshall put on an all woman comedy show at the Rivoli in Toronto. Filmed by yours truly and Patrick Coppolino.